terça-feira, novembro 29, 2011

Porque é que as jovens inglesas se vestem assim?

O Daily Mail, no meio da trapalhada (em forma de jornalismo) a que já nos habituou, acaba por conseguir uma resposta convincente:

‘We are inheriting more from the porn culture than we realise — everything from fake nails to fake tans. Porn has become mainstream.

‘The sad thing is that the confidence of these girls has become directly proportionate to how they look. It doesn’t come from what they have achieved or what skills they have learned. It comes from how much attention and looks they get from men.

‘Of course, there’s nothing new about wanting to be desired and complimented. But with these young women, it’s not just that they like compliments. They crave them.

‘The problem comes when your only desire is to be desired.’