quarta-feira, novembro 07, 2012

O momento em que a possibilidade e a impossibilidade se encontram

Houve um tempo em que valorizava sobretudo o lado mais espontâneo e natural de uma fotografia. Até que percebi que ela pode ser sinónimo de profundidade e mistério.
Deve ter sido na mesma temporada em que vi alguns dos trabalhos de Gregory Crewdson.

“The idea of creating a moment that’s frozen and mute, that perhaps ultimately asks more questions than it answer, proposes an open-ended and ambiguous narrative, that allows the viewer to, in a sense, complete it. Ultimately, I’m interested in this ambiguous moment that draws the viewer in thought photographic beauty, though repulsion, though some kind of tension.”

”I think I always have been drawn to photography because I want to construct a perfect world. I want to try to create this moment that is separate from the chaos of my life, and to do that I think I create enormous disorder. And I like that craziness because I think that it creates almost a sort of neurotic energy on the set, and through that there is a moment of transportation. And in all my pictures what I am ultimately interested in is that moment of transcendence or transportation, where one is transported into another place, into a perfect, still world. Despite my compulsion to create this still world, it always meets up against the impossibility of doing so. So, I like the collision between this need for order and perfection and how it collides with a sense of the impossible. I like where possibility and impossibly meet.”


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